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Boys’ Legs
(written November 7, 2004)


If you haven't figured out by now, I have an affinity for legs. For whatever reason, I hesitate calling it a fetish, though I'm sure it is. I've been told that, as far as a male attracted to a woman's legs is concerned, the attraction comes down to where the legs lead up to. Yet, it doesn't work that way for me. Then, there are a whole group of males attracted to feet. Personally, I don't care for feet. They tend to be wrinkly at the bottom and I don't really care for toes. Most of the time, I don't really notice them, just what they're attached to. Though, I think sandals are ideal footwear. Also, it seems that some of my favorite pairs of legs are attached to unattractive (big) feet. I also don't like very many knees. In fact, I can't stand some knees. That may be part of the reason that I find boys' legs more attractive from the back than the front. It's also interesting to note that the first pair of legs that I ever found attractive belonged to a boy who sat directly in front of me in class, so I mostly saw them from the back. So, taking what we're left with, I prefer calves to thighs because the upper leg is wider than below the knee. Also, the lower leg has more curves. So, what we're really talking about is below the knee down to the ankle. I like ankles, so boys in sandals appeal to me. This also means that I prefer boys' legs without socks. They just get in the way. And, because most knees are a turn off to me, I find that I like shorts that stop just far enough down to the knees, while leaving the rest exposed. Of course, Joey has a completely different take on this and, rightfully so, finds the new long and quite huge boys' shorts ridiculous. He says they look like dresses.


So, what are my ideal pair of legs? Of course, they must belong to a boy to be my ideal, but not all boys legs are created equal. Even Joey often has trouble recognizing a pair of legs that would appeal to me. I like thin legs, but not skinny. There is a difference. The legs must be slender, yet not bony. There must be an ever so soft curve to the calf, without being overly muscular. I can't stand huge calves. There must be enough water retained in the skin for smooth contours, yet not too much to be puffy. The skin itself must be soft and smooth, meaning completely hairless, youthful skin. And, to be the *perfect* legs, the knees can't be knobby or unattractive. I realize that I said that I don't find many knees attractive, but the perfect pair of legs, from calves to ankles, are often effected by the shape of the knees. Small knees actually enhance the whole legs. And, when even the knees are acceptable, the boy can often wear as small of shorts as Joey likes. Finally, I love tanned legs, though not too dark. In fact, when I was thirteen and home alone, I did something very odd. I wouldn't call it cross-dressing because I wasn't doing it for how it felt wearing them or for the female aspect. I simply had the idea to try on my mother's panty hose for the sole purpose of making my legs darker. I found that I was able to away with wearing my black and white shorts. Now, I didn't have my ideal legs because my knees were too wide, but, still, this encouraged me to try to tan my legs. You see, even just tanned legs alone will make my head turn. And, to show you the appreciation I have for tanned legs, the tan usually stops above the knee, but if it continues up the thigh, I can sometimes appreciate the entire leg. Of course it helps if the thighs aren't too large.


Interestingly enough, Joey's legs were very close to being my ideal legs. He still has that ideal small bone structure. His ankles are as they should be and his calves were quite well shaped when I first met him. Since he’s mostly Hispanic, his legs are never pale (though he thinks so). And, at the time, his legs were hairless. As it turns out, though, he had shaved them, since he had started growing hair while he was still eleven. That's also when his voice began changing. People made fun of him for looking like a little kid while having a deep voice. At least he could do something about his legs. He had always been skinny, so he avoided wearing shorts and exposing his legs. Chubby classmates used to say things like, "Don't you eat? Look at Joey. He's so skinny." So, he began working out in Junior High. By the time I met him, he felt that his calves were at least large enough to wear shorts on occasion.


When Joey and I first met, we were around the same height. Since then, I've grown taller than him. He has small hands and feet and stopped growing before I met him, so he believes that, if he can simply become healthy, he can return to how he once looked. I would like to believe that's possible. I would like him to look attractive again, but most of all I would like him to be healthy and happy. That would be my ideal. Also, it would be nice to massage his legs again too. Okay, I suppose that's all the evidence I need to know that my attraction to legs is indeed a fetish. Though, whether it's the curve to a breast, a butt, or a calf, the attraction, fetish or not, maintains properties in common with other attractions. After all, all humans have relatively similar features. I will still always be attracted to faces above all else, as is the case for most all of us. Still, the face is emotional. The body is what stimulates the hormonal attractions. We all know what a cute face is, though we may disagree on what makes the ideal body. And, we'll certainly disagree with where that ideal body starts. I just happen to prefer legs. I'm not the only one and I'm fine with it. If you disagree, you simply don't know what you're missing out on.


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